How to create and post your podcast using the best youtube downloader site?

Podcasts are a modern trending format for presenting information, which consists of audio programs of the conversational genre, divided by subject. A podcast can be conducted on behalf of both one person and in the format of an interview or an alternate transmission of a speech to the presenters.

For simplicity, imagine that you are lying on a sofa with your eyes closed and listening to the program that is broadcast on TV.

This content format is extremely convenient for perception among many people, as it allows you to absorb useful content without distraction from routine tasks. You can listen to podcasts anywhere:

  • On a morning run in the headphones;
    • On the way to work or back;
    • Being in a traffic jam;
    • Right in the workplace, instead of music

I save my favorite podcasts to a separate playlist, sometimes I even download some of them using the best youtube downloader site to a separate folder on my computer, so I can listen to it again at any time.

But most important, podcasts are often squeezing up-to-date news and utilities from experts of different directions: psychologists, historians, journalists, a marketer, entrepreneurs, coaches, a business coach and opinion leaders.

As a modern person, I really appreciate this type of content and subscribed to many useful podcasts from the niche of marketing and digital.

What is needed to record your podcast?

From my own experience I’ll say that to create a podcast, your smartphone or a separate microphone is enough. Many TOP experts approach the creation of content with a separate scrupulousness: an expensive microphone, a soundproof room, post-processing of sound, etc. In their case, recording one podcast can cost a lot.

However, in practice, it may turn out that all these tools do not have much significance, since the simple regularity of uploading podcasts and the usefulness of the content are more important.

For example, my girlfriend and writer has been recording her podcast for about six months and has about a million plays, although the recording is on a simple smartphone. I myself began to lead my podcast in exactly the same way, using only a smartphone and a home environment.

How and where to post your podcast?

Currently there are many sites for podcasts, I’ll talk about those that I personally use for my podcast.


Step 1 – choose a site for the main placement and generation of RSS links

The bottom line is: many podcast sites are not ready to host all your audio physically. For their work, they require you to link to a file in a special format in which they will be stored:

  • Description of the podcast itself;
  • Author’s name;
  • Copyright data;
  • Links to all your audio;
  • Descriptions for each audio;
  • Links to pictures for each audio;
  • Others

A link with this content is called an RSS feed. It is generated automatically after you create your podcast on one of the sites.

For your podcasts and RSS feed generation, you can choose 1 of 2 sites: SoundCloud or Castbox. And it’s better to even sit there and there.

Step 2 – create your first channel for a podcast (SoundCloud)

Of the features, only that the picture for the profile should be selected with a minimum size of 1400×1400 px, since in the future there may be problems with the placement of the podcast on other sites.

Add a description to each of your audio and, preferably, number each new podcast to show the dynamics of the channel.

When the channel is created, in the settings section we find our RSS feed and copy the link.

Step 3 – use the link to place the podcast on other sites

Platform 1 – Apple Podcasts:

  • For registration we use Apple ID. If you don’t have it like me and you are a user of android and windows, then install iTunes on windows and create a new account there.
  • To create a podcast, insert a link to the RSS feed from SoundCloud.
  • Moderation takes 2-3 days.

Platform 2 – Music block:

  • Follow the link and leave a request to create a podcast.
  • Insert a link to the same RSS feed.
  • Moderation takes about 2 days.

Platform 3 – Google Podcasts:

  • This site is the most problematic, as the service blocks attempts to create a podcast depending on the territory. However, all this is solved using a regular VPN. I am using the ZenMate application for the Browser. By enabling it, you can easily access the podcast placement page.
  • You may need to use instead of SoundCloud links.
  • Moderation lasts from 3 days. Getting into the Google app podcasts on your smartphone even longer.